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About me

My name is Ljupco Sofijanov

  • Childhood

    I grew up in a small town called Veles, located in the center of Macedonia. I obtained high school education in Gymnasium „Kocho Racin” - Veles, with concentration on Natural Science and Mathematics. During my high school education I had participated in many IT competitions for Information technologies. While in high school, I also had a practical work in few companies.

  • National competition - Second prize

    On the first national competition I was participated, I won the second prize. The competition „38th Macedonian review of young researchers” was organized by „Narodna Tehnika” in „Skopje”.

  • National competition - First prize

    On the second national competition I was participated, I won the first prize. The competition „39th Macedonian review of young researchers” was organized by „Narodna Tehnika” in „Kavadarci”.

  • Adulthood

    After finishing high school, I continued my education on „European University” - Skopje, in Software Engineering. In the course of my studies, I was already making practical work projects for national and foreign companies. I successfully achieved my professional title „Graduated Software Engineer”. Than I continued on post graduated studies.

  • Started to work as a „Web Developer”

    During my master studies I was working as a „Web Developer” in „AC Pro Web” - 17 rue Liberation, Cannes la Bocca, France. I was included in developing process of HTML web pages, Flash pages, Flash animations and web banners.

  • CITYR 10 Conference

    I'm an author of few scientific research papers which were presented on local and international conferences. The first paper is called „Conceptual model of web educational system for computer supported learning” which was presented on the local conference CITYR 10 in Ohrid, Macedonia.

  • Software Engineer at Net.Bit

    From Octomber 2010 I work as a „Software Engineer” in „Net.Bit Datacenter” - Veles, Macedonia. I develop software applications, software solutions and I work with databases, mainly for banks in Macedonia and the region. I'm also included in process of implementation of AML (Anti-Money Laundering) program that should correspond with international and domestic regulatory framework, basically for financial organizations.

  • TIO6 - International Conference

    I'm one of the authors of „Studying types and adjustment mechanism in adaptive educational hypermedia system” which was presented on the international conference „TIO6” in „Technical Faculty Cacak”, Serbia.

  • ETAI 2011 - International Conference

    I'm the author of educational computer game (edutainment) „Don’t Be Mad, Student“, which was presented as a research paper on the international conference „ETAI 2011” in „Hotel Metropol”, Ohrid, Macedonia.

  • Master of Information technology

    I successfully obtained the professional title „Master of Science in Informatics”. The master paper includes practical develop of educational computer game „Don't be mad, student”. This game is supposed to become an excellent guide which will simplify teacher’s work when establishing the new curriculum and it will be funnier and more motivating for the students. The knowledge in my paper is going to be very important for the whole community in further creation of computer games and projects based on the same techniques.

  • TONBELLER AG ACADEMY - Partner Training

    In 2013 I got certificate of participation of „Siron AML” basic training in „Tonbeller AG” - Bensheim, Germany. Trainings are held by experienced specialists from TONBELLER Consulting. With its diversified trainings and certifications, users benefit from tailor-made courses for TONBELLER solutions.

  • Co-founder of MDataDesign

    I'm co-founder of „MDataDesign”, a company with the main aim of professional web development and graphic design. The company is located in Miami, FL, United States.

  • Team lieder at LibertaGia

    From the beginning of May 2014, I'm official team leader and executor of daily tasks of a product „Click Master” of „LibertaGia Mondial” - Lisbon, Portugal. „LibertaGia Mondial” is a technology company working internationally, mostly for developing apps that will solve common problems in people’s life.

  • Microsoft Certified Professional

    From the end of 2014, I'm official „Microsoft® Certified Professional”. Certification number: F135-6423.

  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

    On 25.12.2014 I have successfully completed the requirements to be recognized as a „Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist for .NET Framework 4, Windows Applications”.

  • Owner/CEO at MEGA.mk

    MEGA.mk is a news aggregation web site, which shows all electronic news from Macedonia. For operation of the whole process are used own custom algorithms. The project will officially start at the end of 2018 year.

  • Still
    working on
    a better me


Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

Microsoft Certified Professional

Participation of „Siron AML” training


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